Saturday, July 31, 2010


That is what we did most of the  About two-thirds of the way, we stopped at the Chateau De Bonaguil, a French castle begun in the 13th century.  None of us had ever been in a castle before, and we trooped from the bottom courtyard to the top of the tower.  Sounds easy, not..., but we had great views of the valley.

We had our first experience with a hyper marche...a French version of Wal-mart.  I think we were in there about one and a half hours.  Yikes!  The first thing we had to do was to produce 1.50 Euros to get a grocery cart.  What a great way to make people responsible for returning their carts.  Wine is very inexpensive.  We spent a lot of money on food to eat at the house in La Roque Gageac since food at a restaurant is very $100 for 4 of us.  We could opt for sandwiches, but you get a little tired of that meal after meal.  Austin has eaten many baguettes of bread, as all of us.

The house is absolutely PERFECT!  We love it, and we have only been here three hours.  We plan to spend the whole day here and not drive an inch anywhere.  Erin, John, and Kylie have arrived in France and are staying in Toulouse tonight.  They will join us tomorrow for two weeks.

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