Friday, July 23, 2010

Passion Among the Cobblestones

I can feel the passion of Don Quixote, the religiosity of The Church, the confluence of multiple religions coexisting within this walled medieval city on a hill, which is almost surrounded by a river. We have been exploring for six hours and have visited the cathedral, the Military Museum, the museum of instruments of torture used in conjunction with the Inquisition; Becky bought marzipane de Toledo; we both bought fans, of course, and we are all exhausted.  Have been laughing so much today as Apa and I struggle with our 70 year old bodies (OK, he isn't quite 70 yet) and Becky and Austin are both tired, too.  Tonight Becky and I are going back to experience this stone and red tiled city under a full moon and special lights which recreate the medieval look of Toledo.  Tomorrow we go to Salamanca.  Kathy 

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