Sunday, July 25, 2010


Spain seems a country that still wants to smoke.  Although smoking is only "in homes or on the street", Spain is smoking like crazy.  All the larger cities we have visited with the exception of Madrid, i.e. Toledo, Salamanca and now Burgos have the old cobblestone streets running through medieval centers around cathedrals.  Today we visited the Burgos Cathedral known to be the tallest one in Spain and all 4 of us enjoyed going.  You can see that Jim's feet were a bit tired, but Austin took care of that.  It is cooler here.  We spent the morning driving through beautiful golden fields with bales of hay already harvested - lots of fields of sunflowers, some cattle grazing, chicken ranching.  Can't help thinking about the scenery while driving on CA highways.  It is very similar. We are eating lots of fresh breads, cafe con leche, and ordering from el menu del dia.  Kathy


  1. enjoying all your posts, sharing them with Bill, looked up your cities today on the map, sounds like you're having a great time.. all of you. = )

  2. A field of sunflowers!? How beautiful. I just remembered your blog you sent to me before you left. LOVE the photo of Jim trying to hitch a ride. You guys have to be having the time of your life. Good for you going, seeing and doing.

  3. Where ever, when ever I see flowers, I think of you, Jane, and your great photos. I am not up to your standard, but know that when there are flowers in the photo, I am thinking of you.