Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We're Up

Slept till 4 am.  Up to watch the street cleaner truck barely fitting down the tiny cobblestone street below.  Got up again to hear and see the swallows filling the sky and flying right by our small balcony cleaning up the bugs.  Austin and I went into the streets and walked to the Plaza Mayor where people watched the punishments of the Inquisition and lots of other Spanish history played out.  Bought churros and came back to Becky and Jim who had slept wonderfully till 7 am.  We will visit the royal palace this am and go to the Prado and the Sophia Reina (where Guernica resides) this evening.  Till later, Kathy


  1. So are we in Paris or Madrid? I'm confused, naturally of course. If in Paris, will you be around when le Tour rolls into town? If so, tell Levi John says "Hi". And how come I can't click on the photos to enlarge them? I want to see Jim's shoes. Sorry, I forgot to send a farewell e-mail to you two.

  2. Jim flew to Madrid, I flew to Paris. We are all in Madrid now. I was going to ask you about photos, but have not. It was weird just figuring out what I have done. Tell me in an email what you do, what your settings are on the camera, etc. The tour is in the Pyrennes north of us. We miss evertything, including hordes of humans, by a week...running of the bulls, le tour de France. Jim has been able to watch le tour live.