Saturday, July 24, 2010

Silly Sandwiches of Salamanca and Other Oddities

We don't think you could find anything like Austin's sandwich in America.  He ate almost all of the eye-popping egg and yolk, white asparagus, thick bacon, lettuce, ham, melted cheese, mayo, pink sauce, and 3 slices of toasted bread.  We also ate amarguillos made and sold by the nuns at the Convento de las Duenas.

Becky liked the Museum of Nouveau Art and Art Deco because it was so entirely different from nearly all we've seen so far.  They had a tiny 12" bronze Carmen Miranda that is the namesake of our Garmin Nuvi.  Becky said, "I can see her stamping her foot when we go the wrong way and she has to recalculate."

Kathy liked the Paseo where everybody was out with their families, dressed to the hilt and gathered together for various celebrations including the seven brides and seven weddings we saw replete with blue cadillac, a pair of bicylces, and a 1932 car.

Austin liked climbing the towers of the "New" Cathedral and exploring all the tiny doors and niches.  He felt like he went into places he wasn't suppose to go and did.

When Jim was asked if he liked Salamanca, he said, "Is that where we are now?"

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