Thursday, July 29, 2010


Driving on a road similar to Highway 1 along Big Sur with winding, twisty, hairpin turns high above the ocean, we made our way towards France.  Stopping at Elantxobe, a small typical fishing village, we stretched our legs and tried to engage the locals.  The people in this Basque area aren't particularly friendly or welcoming.  Maybe it is because they refuse to acknowledge Spanish as their native language.  There are signs and graffitti everywhere advocating independence and freedom from Spanish control.

Our rest for the night is Getaria.  Our habits are being forced to adapt to the Spanish custom of not eating until 8 pm so we had to wait until the restaurants opened to serve us.  We began with mixed salads then ate squid, turbot, pork, and another kind of fish we didn't know the name of.  Our choice of dessert for the second day in a row was flan.  This was the most traditional flan of the three nights we have eaten it.  Austin volunteered to eat a fish eyeball.  We were all impressed.  It is really hard to go to sleep on an extremely full belly.


  1. bill and I were just talking last night about how close you were getting to basque country. I said, "Where do the basque live?" Bill said, "Idaho." LOL.. I think he needs to travel abroad once in his life.. There's a basque population in the Boise area; we visited the museum and ate at a basque restaurant. Speaking of locals, why are there none in your pictures? courtesy? not wanting to be touristy? I was starting to think you have the whole country to yourself.

  2. Good to see the pictures within the text. We can enlarge them for better viewing. Now, lets see some of this food you keep blabbering...I mean bloging about.

  3. 8 pm is dinner! Oh boy that must really be a challenge. Glad you guys are having fun. Enjoying your blog a lot. Keep posting.