Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Countdown to Departure

Welcome to our blog.  For those of you who don't know, we are preparing for a trip to Spain, France, Norway, and England to celebrate two 70 young birth years.  Joining us on the loose for the first ten days will be Kathy and Austin, grandmother/grandson extraordinaires.

All of us have been busy, busy researching, analyzing, purchasing, and gathering all the bells and whistles to make our trip simple, easy, and enjoyable.  This blog is only one item in the long list we have negotiated.  It is amazing how much we have learned about netbooks, iPod touch, Skype, analog watches with an alarm and a leather band, rolling back packs, VRBO, Britrail, Eurorail, and all the associated sites of finding places to see and visit.  Whew!

Don't forget that if you have Skype on your computer, you can call us anytime we are on line. 

D Day is July 19....


  1. Do not forget to post PHOTOS! Love to see you guys. I miss you. What a great trip this will be. Jim is really not 70. He is more like 50. I love that you are going to do this trip in honor of him. Thanks for sending your blog to me.

  2. Hey Jim and Becky,
    Nice to hear you are on the loose!
    Nothing like it.
    Ramblin' Glen Rose
    ( currently in Idaho)

  3. What fun, Becky! It sounds like a magnificent adventure!!! I'll look forward to your stories and photos! Be safe and have fun! When will you return? Smiles, K. Denues